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(no subject)
How's it going everyone!? Thought I'd check in here.

Brietta is still around should anyone wish to do any logging.


Who's been full of fail? Why yes, that would be me.
So November ate my life in bad ways and my only consolation that it seems like many of you had to deal with the November monster as well.

I'm squeezing this posting in while my incredibly hosey Comcast connection is still up. It's been awful all day.

So, I wanted to say that I'll be back and posting probably not so much today because Comcast blows goats, but hopefully tomorrow and thereafter. I have one final in a bit over a week and then I'm home free for a while other than my suddenly bumped work hours.

So, while I'm here, other than saying "I suck, forgive me, I'm back," I wanted to throw out that I was looking to do something around the Winter Solstice, which is December 21st. I have a couple of vague outlines of ideas, but after the Halloween thing, I thought it would be good to learn from that one and alter approaches a bit.

So, here's the thing, do you have any ideas for something solstice-themed that you'd like to propose? Throw out anything and let's kick it around a bit.

A couple of my own very vague ideas:
The exchange of power between the Faerie Courts
A sorcerer taking advantage of a mystically charged time of year to do something bad
Hold off until the end of December and do something around the Blue Moon, which is the 31st

Don't feel like you have to suggest anything at all along those lines. This would be our opportunity to brainstorm and see what we can come up with so we can get the comm back from the dead.

I'm going to leave it at that for now, since Comcast has gone out on me at least four times just during the brief period I've been writing this.

Boi Kisseee
Sorry to everyone I dropped tags with. Work + school = SUCK

Next couple of weeks will be tight, too. I have finals and have to stuuudy. But will be around if anyone wants super slow play ^_^


Dear epicentric.
Sorry about the delay/not being around; my scores came in for my thesis (not great, but I have that MA) and I started a new job. Retail. Which means, things are going to get a bit hectic.

Having said that, if you want to write with Sebastian, drop a line~ it just might take me a bit to arrange things. Best method is to catch me via email (marimiko AT gmail ).

Meghann=fail it works
So um, Dear livejournal, it's Meghann and yes I fail at life and haven't done much here. I'm like epicly bad at getting to know/playing with new people. But anyway I'd like to at least try to do more here. However I'm not really sure what to do, so if anyone would like to talk about plotting things that would be awesome.

I have two characters:

This one, Nuala. Nuala is a Selkie and as with Selkie tradition if a man finds her skin she's screwed. I mean she gets to be his loving wife. I'd actually be fine with a man finding her skin and using it to keep her under their control. She also owns an art gallery and can be fairly naive about human things. She's spent most of her very long life learning the practical side of everything and pretty much no time trying to figure out why people do things or how to feel things.

The other one is Sera. She has the ability to touch an object and see it's past. Useful for finding out who kidnapped someone or who killed someone and things of that nature. She can also see the future but only if it's something pretty crappy and it's completely out of her control. She has no problem with anyone knowing that she's psychic and is very professional about using her powers.

If there's anything you'd like to do let me know~

Hi. Yay. Toos.
So, I thought I could do NaNo and Epicentric both. And while so far I've been able too, I'm just making word count every night. So, I am going to hiatus for a couple of days to try and get ahead and build a nice buffer.

I'm still available for mod things if you need me and I might tag here and there, but it won't be much and it will just be whatever is easiest to reply to with my frame of mind.

temporary hiatus
Hello there all. Just a quick note to say that I am putting Iolanthe/Violet on hiatus until she will be of some use to theartifex and others involved in her plot. This season at work is a bit hectic and since she's my least active girl, I'm going to bench her for a while. If you need her for anything or are interested in pulling her into a plot just hit me up and she can come back at anytime. <3

(no subject)
 Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am returning from my sojourn into the unknown, and am back with both guns blazing. Sort of. I still have one more weekend of my show to run, and have a seesawing schedule that requires me to work three or more nights a week. Hooray for promotions. But gift horses and mouths, they say. So please let me know if I've got a plot with you that needs to proceed, or if you wish to proceed with a new one. 

Peace, love and mungbeans


Me too
I'm currently in San Fransisco (no really), until Saturday afternoon and my schedule is rather full. So if my responses are slow I apologize in advance.

It's just poor form to be LJ'ing on your phone while your sister is getting married.

Or so I've heard.

Just a note to say that I'm going to be out of town for a few days (and I'm taking my girls with me - Joey, obviously and notalwaysme and so_responsible) to deal with some family stuff so I won't be around much for the next little bit. I WILL MISS YOU ALL! <3

it's me again...
Yes, me. Hedda. And this is Sam - your typical, everyday human with a penchant for deep sea diving and really salty french fries.

Wait, I mean she's a detective and she's ex-Navy and isn't too keen on the whole species profiling thing.

With that in mind, if you have a plot idea or would just like to chat, you can hit me up here or on AIM (girlsublime).

Make a girl feel welcome, will ya? *wink*

A new character.
Brad here with my new character, Justin Trent. He's a detective and he's psychic. Specifically, a telepath, which makes him rather good at his job.

If anyone would like to do something with him, just let me know. Hopefully he can get on some of this anti-supe activity that will be cropping up.

Also, I know this is like a day late, but Blake's post about fighting the demon in the Nevernever will go up in a bit tonight. Sorry for the delay!

Return of the Jen
I am finally moved and mostly settled and seem to have the brain power for RP again. I'll be easing back into things with both of my girls - Posy and Brea. I'm totally up for plotty if anyone is interested! Just drop me a line.

Last(ish) modly notes
i can&#39;t believe he said that
Timing: The Nevernever incursion will last through the magic hour of the repeating 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Logically it will help explain how the rest of the world doesn't totally freak out over San Francisco being off the grid for 1-3 days.

That said, time runs weird in the Nevernever, so if you want your characters to be in there for an hour, 12 hours, three days, or three weeks, they can absolutely experience that much time passing there even though the city will return to the mundane world by the second 2:00 a.m. of November 1st. If I'd thought of it before the instant I was writing up the poll, I would have just made that the default anyway.

NPCs: I can do a bit of NPCing for y'all, but I have a little jedi to take out for his own Halloween mayhem tomorrrow, so my availability will actually be spotty. I have my smartphone and I'll be checking my mail often, so don't stress emailing the mod email or pinging here. If Brad's around, he has the mod mantle and the passwords and names of the many and varied NPC accounts I've set up for the game.

CHAT: OMG I could get into chat. I'm currently sitting around in the chat room "epicentric" in AIM, so you can hit me up there as well.

Additional Current Events: Because I can work real world events into this game, let it be noted that Tethys is currently pissed because of an oil spill in San Francisco Bay. As such she's pumping out still more metaphysical energy that's just feeding the eventual rift the Big Bad will use for all this.

Last Notes: Sick of mod posts yet? I love you all for running with the framework you have. I can't wait to see what kinds of madness you write. If there's anything I can do to help you with Stokes or Ralph let me know and remember that slow play is our friend.

Official business, please read and vote
No one actually gave me their opinions on how long this should last. Please vote in the poll below and we'll go with that. Remember that even if it's only a night, slowplay and backdating are always options.

"The magic hour of the time change" refers to the fact that daylight saving time ends at 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning and clocks are set back. That hour can repeat over and over again for those pulled into the Nevernever while the outside world will only see something odd for an hour. It's got a kind of otherworldly logic to it, and the power of human belief in that time change can add fuel to the fire.

Poll #1478466 How long will San Francisco be in the Nevernever?

How long will San Francisco be in the Nevernever?

Until dawn November 1
The magic hour of the time change
One day
Until sunrise Monday
Three days
Other (I'll answer in comments)

Other business
There are apps that are timing out in epicentric_apps. Be kind to your fellow players and actually go vote.

Heroes! I'm seeing some conversation about the heroing on rescuing the city from the demon's play. Charles, Blake, Selzanky, I'm seeing you three talking about it separately. Might be helpful for you to talk about it together. Shin-Yeong had an offer out as well, but didn't get much response. Do it here and those who are interested can pop in to offer additional assistance. I'm thinking Ralph might actually have a strange area of calm around himself, so Shin-Yeong might be the hook to pull him in kicking and screaming.

Gotta go the gym now. Fly my monkeys! Fly!

Pick a trope, any trope
Sorry for my absence this week. It's been an exciting week and my router bit the dust a few days ago to boot.

However, I'm here! And delighted to have Brad along, too.

You remember this post about the murder and mayhem leading up to Halloween's silly putty reality?

We're nearly there. Ye gods, where did October go?

The state of San FranciscoCollapse )

Now what?
So now's your time to let your imaginations run wild. It's not often that you'll get the chance to alter reality for your characters any which way you choose, since this is a quasi-realistic game setting.

Use this post to share your trope ideas and see if anyone wants to get involved.

Starting at midnight the DMZ will be a Hammer House of Horror-style Dracula's castle, complete with vampire maidens in gauzy white nightgowns and Charmaign presiding in a red-silk lined black cape and thick accent.

I suggested a few other trope ideas in the other post, but you could go any direction you wanted, as long as it came from some sort of horror novel or film. Saw, Friday the 13th, The Headless Horseman? All up for grabs. You can also go with some of the horror farces like Killer Klowns from Outer Space or Beetlejuice.

Have fun with it.

Now the one thing that's currently up for grabs is how long this will go on and how it will be ended. Where are my heroes here? I would prefer to have the PCs resolve this, because c'mon, it's a chance to be heroic and save the world. ^.~ But if none of you have some ideas on how your PCs might be able to come together to take on a demon in its Nevernever demesnes, then I can have it taken care of by NPCs.

This could just be a single night, or it could be two or three days. I leave it to you all to tell me what you'd prefer and advance your Save the World agendas. If we don't get any Save the World agendas, then the NPCs will take care of it and I just need your votes for how long you'd like San Francisco to be midway between reality and nightmare.

AftermathCollapse )

because rayne fails forever
Um. Hi. I'm Rayne. Remember me? I-If you don't that's okay >w>;; I'm going to try to change that. College life has...settled, for the most part-- while I kept up at my main game, I know now that I must focus again on this lovely RP! So I am humbly asking for plottings!

My little girl is a Changeling faerie who has powers over plants and poison. She's a happy-go-lucky college cosplay girl too so...idk maybe we can build on that? I-If I get people who want to plot, of course ;;

A little summary of what's happened recently would also be lovely orz;;;

breaking never felt so bad
Those who have been speaking to me lately  know some of this already, but I've had a major RL issues of late which is causing me to not sleep and have major stress, neither of which leaves me in a happy RP mood.

So I'm not taking a full hiatus here, but I am going to be scarce. I will finish any open logs, and if you have a specific need for one of my girls (especially for plot-related stuff that's already been discussed), please feel free to ask, I'll still probably be on IM and I'm always checking e-mail.

I'll be "back" around Nov. 3rd, but that's when we have a show opening so to be on the safe side I'll be back-back after about 8th when opening weekend is done.

This is gonna affect:
Alli quetzalli_alli
Kat nightlikeday
Lillian knowthypain

An Anouncement
Greetings all, this is Brad here just to let you know that if you have any questions about Epicentric that you would ask a mod, you can now ask me. And then I will ask Jade and get back to you.

But that's right, I am now a mod. I love the site and Jade works so hard on it I want to be able to give a little back. I don't have all the modly logins and passwords just yet, so if you require something that uses that info, I can't help with that until tomorrow.

But in the meantime and in the future, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at:

AIM: spyderpetry
email: brad.petry [at] gmail [at] com

(no subject)
Prince Charmaign
Hmm. Anyone up for plottiness or threadage?

time is not my friend
I hate to do this, but I have to drop. :( It was really fun playing with you guys, and I hope you get more hypocritical asshats anti-supe humans.

Stay awesome!

Short, White, Female Seeking an Easy Mark
As you may know my character is a thief.

As such I was wondering if there might be any volunteers willing to allow Brietta  to borrow a few things from their characters. It doesn't have to be anything major, just something valuable. Currently, she prefers to steal jewelry or precious metals but she still holds an interest in magical talismans and items.

Usually she's quick, silent, and efficient with her heists but I'm not opposed to something going awry.

This seems like an odd request, but I'm sure it could be interesting.

Thanks for giving my request a look! If interested give me a reply and we can iron out any details that might need ironing.

Introducing Charles Carroll
First, allow me to thank you for your permission to join. I'm looking forward to it.

For a good look at Charles, feel free to look at this link. But to summarize:

Charles is a young, up and coming agent with the FBI. He's been with the agency long enough to get his feet wet, but is still young enough to still have a good deal of naive beliefs keeping him going. He's part of a new FBI division meant to deal with investigations of legal violations involving supers. As such, he feels that he, and the FBI as a whole, have something to prove.

Charles has just been transferred to San Francisco as part of an FBI effort to investigate the recent increase of disappearances amongst supers of late. As such, his primary efforts will be attempting to solve that case. However, he will still be investigating plenty of other cases as well. There is *always* more criminal activity needing to be investigated and never enough time to get to it all.

As a strictly OOC note, as of the start of Charles' involvement in Epicentric, Sebastian Claves is the only individual who is aware that Charles is a sorcerer, as Sebastian is the one that brokered the deal. Needless to say, Charles is REALLY not keen on the idea of anyone knowing this about him.

As for me, I do have AIM and G-Mail chat, but owing to a number of factors, the best way to get a hold of me is through e-mail. I am obsessive about it, so it's pretty common to get a reply within minutes.

Thank you again, and I look forward to getting involved.

Salutations; New Player

I'd like to introduce Brietta Sullivan. She's rather reserved and likes to keep a low profile. That being said, she's also curious about other beings, people, and most notably magical items. Her biggest concern right now is how to avoid the change altogether, not wanting to give up neither her human triats nor her fae abilities even though she fears this might be impossible.

Oh yes, Brietta is also an experienced thief.

She'll more than likely keep toward the parks, or more natural settings but will venture around town on business or out of curiousity.

Looking forward to meeting all of you and thank you for accepting my App!

If you have any plot ideas or just want to chat my aim name is: Cyromew and my e-mail is: Ishizu.ishstar at

Newbie introduction.
Because I'm just that odd.

Say hello to Sebastian Claves.

He just moved into the city, but knows a fair bit about the preternatural world (see link for more info) simply because he's been in it for years. He'll likely be hanging out in DMZ, introducing himself to local shop owners, eating out, mingling in society, being generally charming, and setting up his house in theme for Halloween (incidentally one of his favorite holidays). I want him to be a busy boy.

I'm anxious for logs! If you want to hit me up for log ideas, I'm on AIM pretty much constantly (samayoutenshi) and I have Gmail open constantly as well (marimiko AT gmail).

Thank you for approving him!

The Vision of DOOOM (aka, the iVison)
seeing through time
In about a week, Alli's going to have a major vision of the upcoming tomfoolery. She will see more or less everything that's in the org post HERE, but before y'all start feeling antsy about info-modding, the vision's going to hit her so hard she's not going to remember most of it.

In fact, she's only going to remember what you tell me she can here. (Or HERE.)
  • So if you are an investigator poking around who needs pointing in a certain direction, there's a vision for that.
  • If you're a hunter looking for a particular target, there's a vision for that.
  • If you want to sneaky-sneak something completely unrelated to the major plot, but important to a regular game plot in, there's a vision for that, too.
Alli's got great network coverage, and a comm interface that's sleek, sexy, and perfect for everyday psychic use. Just let me know what you'd like.

So uh... remember how I said I'll get myself back into gear when I returned? That didn't work out as well as I thought, for while I love Japan returning from there ended up with me being sick for the whole of last week with a fever, face rash akl;jare and a terrible, terrible cough which I am still recovering from I miss my ability to speak coherently. So uh basically I've been kinnnnnda out of the loop for a while since I have been doing nothing but sleeping off my illness and playing on my DS with games like Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky and replaying Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice I don't even know why--- AND WELL anyway.

Basically uh I've been pretty fail in the recent times, and I want to change that! So here is a call for some CR with my somewhat-still-in-denial Werewolf as he struggles in his life of being one of the furries. I am going to throw him into one or two open logs eventually once I get my mind straight again from all the meds I've been taking, but any form of CR for him would also be swell! I'm not terribly bright at things like these so, uh... if any of you guys want to log with my werewolf here, feel free to ping me? |D

Also as a side note - second semester of school starts for me tomorrow onwards so I won't be able to be as active as I am now. Not that it'll... affect much since I only have one muse here, but just as a heads up if I suddenly vanish or anything due to schoolwork.

Plot Post
Hi guys, time for me to follow up on the plot with the Church of Eternal Life vampires. I'm sorry, but I can't seem to get into a chat room, so I am not able to actually chat as I'd planned. Let's try to talk and brainstorm here.

As you may or may not have seen over here, Millicent and Diodor have a deadline, at which time, unless Millicent blood oaths her congregation, Diodor is going to do it in her place and over her dead body.

This is the background politicking while Millicent's vampires continue on their merry way with no metaphysical protection or training.

For the next two weeks, things are going to slide downhill for those vampires. More of the congregation are going to start losing it and leaving the fold. Some will defect to Diodor's vampires, wanting to be on the winning side before all Hell breaks loose, the rest...

Are bluntly, screwed.

Wall o' textCollapse )

A few notes on a modly and non-modly level
is Char watching me kiss this dolt?
Modly Notes
I'd like to get together in chat with as many of you as are interested on Friday evening (Pacific Time) and any time on Saturday to discuss what's coming up for plot both covering the vampire issues and what the vampire issues are leading up to around Halloween.

I will make a mod post about it, so you don't have to be in chat to know what's going on, but chat will be a good place for some brainstorming and to hash out who wants to be involved in fending off "blow San Francisco off the map and into a far reach of the Nevernever" badness.

The chat will be in "epicentricchat" because Brad was nice enough to get that going for us. Hopefully I won't try to log into "epicentrichat" as I often do. I don't think any of us really need to talk about epicentric's hat. Unless we do and I didn't notice. >>;;

Non-modly Notes
I'm on a delightful new medication with a rather brutal adjustment period. So, if in the next two weeks or so (it takes me two to three weeks to acclimate and for the side effects to chill out) if I bite your head off, I'm preemptively sorry (or retroactively sorry as the case may be); I'm bitchy, but not that bitchy usually.

If I'm unavailable or unresponsive, I probably either have a killer headache or the kind of shakes that make one wonder if I have some kind of palsy. Or I'm sleeping, because unlike many people who take this drug and experience a stimulant effect, it tends to make me sleepier.

I will do my best to be available and responsive, but if I'm not, or if I drop pings and the like, I hope you'll be understanding. It's not personal by any means, because I am delighted to have all of you here and playing.

I would like to stress that you're welcome to ping me in whatever way you want to ask me questions and I will try to get back to you on them in a timely manner. I just want y'all to have some context in case I seem like I'm getting too blase or something. I hope to have my act together very soon.

Um, I know I said the last one was the last...
what would you like
...but I lied. Apologies. This is Dawn, and here's the newbie...

Meet Lillian Cavendish.
She's a psychic vamp and will eat your feelings.
She runs a fetish club (that info should be up on the locations page soonish) for those that like to play that way.
She has her issues, and she has her rules, if you can navigate both... then we'll get along fine.

If you want to do some plotting, planning, or anything, I have an OOC post up HERE. Or you can hit me up in the usual places, AIM and e-mail are both lady.wandering[at]gmail[dot]com. Or there's here.

Time to play, kittens?


(And yes, the choice of PB is because a certain CSI regular guest star was the inspiration for the character. Don't judge me!)

OOC: Heads up!
So I have been slow as molasses in tagging my one thread. And I still haven't gotten Brea out and about.

For those of you who don't know - I was laid off back in August. I've been job hunting since then with no luck (shocking in this economy, right?). Anyway, because of my continued unemployment, I am moving back to my hometown (Pittsburgh) in twelve days. This means my attention has been scattered lately as I attempt to organize and pack all of my belongings. On top of that, we have houseguests this weekend for my roomie's birthday and that's kept me busy as well.

I'm around a lot, but my focus is shot to hell, so thank you for your continued patience with me through my giant life changes.

It is 11.15PM and I am tired, exhausted, trying not to die of motion sickness (which happens so very often to me) and slowly recovering from a sore throat. But nevertheless, I have returned from glorious *~*~Japan~*~* with Ray so I should be well back into action after like. A good sleep. ~_~;

ahahaha hiatus
This was going to be an entry apologizing for completely vanishing on everyone without explanation. I kinda took a week away from life. XD;;

Then my laptop broke.

So, official hiatus until I can get it fixed! xD;;


a little illumination, please.
Hello everyone! Hedda here, again, with my shiny new character, Iolanthe/Violet.  Currently in her life, she is Iolanthe, though Violet will make occasional appearances once plots start to unfold for her.  To be clear, she is not two characters, she is one character with two faces - one of which was forced upon her by a Fae curse.  At present, she is trying to figure things out so please bear with her while she gets her bearings and all will be revealed.

I have made an explanatory post here - to hopefully clear up any other confusion regarding this messy situation. 

So, just stopping by to say hi and thanks for the votes :)


I'm baaaaa-ack.
and i think you lost
After a week solid of horror, depravity, and violence (and that was just the lines at the theatre) my cinematic sojourn is complete and hopefully I can wrap up my open threads soon.

I also need to discuss some plot things with a few people so I'll be online probably most of tomorrow night. AIM's lady.wandering[at]gmail[dot]com so grab me when you wanna talk. Or, you can ping Alli's plot post HERE, Kat's nightlikeday HERE, or just hit up this post.

Additionally, is there anything my girls need to know?

I should have posted this sooner but nooooo LJ wanted to be a bitch and pile maintenance plus inexplicable ban on me.

Anyway, uh. Hullo there, Epicentric. KB here.

Just to let all of you awesome people know, I'll be on hiatus for the next week starting tonight as I will be boarding a plane that is going towards that one country we all know as fabulous *~*~Japan~*~* for a holiday with my family in the first time in... a very long while. Yeah.

So yes - hiatus time! I'll be gone from tonight 2nd October and will only be back on 9th October, though the 10th will be more likely when I get onto the internet proper since I'll be dead when I return.

See you all in a week!

I'll also be missing the first full moon thingamajig so I can has backlog when I return? |D

Just to be sure, October's activity check is posted over here. Please go and respond.

Also, because I get bored at work and tweet, I have made a twitter account for mod postings, reminders, and notes on SF events - epicentricmod. If you want to follow it, I'll start posting things like app links and reminders, links for activity checks, information like the fact that SF had a tsunami alert two nights ago (high waves, etc.,) and other notes that may flesh out your city RP information. It seemed a less bandwidth intensive way of filling you all in on stuff than constantly pinging the OOC comm.

App Reminder
Hi guys, just a reminder that Hedda has an app over at epicentric_apps that hasn't reached a consensus on votes. If you don't get your votes in now, its deadline is tomorrow and I'll be using whatever votes are in.

Useful Links
I've been hunting for guides and links to some of San Francisco's more interesting areas and found I've been reading it, and I think one of its best points is that it's written by an outsider living in San Francisco, so he manages to highlight a lot of things that locals simply take for granted.

Other Links:
This is a useful link for a bright and shiny overview of SF neighborhoods, but it downplays some of the less pleasant areas (for instance, Bayview/Candlestick Point doesn't mention its extremely high crime rate.)
Another neighborhood link
One more

San Francisco neighborhoods are often very distinct pseudo-villages within the city, so you can find almost any flavor you're looking for when you want to set your interactions.

The nice thing about having a real city, particularly one as... idiosyncratic as San Francisco as a setting, is that you can find all kinds of real life weird to make a backdrop for your fictional weird.

Also enjoy Only in San Francisco, although I want to beat their nav with a ball peen hammer.

A Local's Guide to San Francisco has some useful points as well, like helping you distinguish between Richmond and The Richmond.

And for those of you with unnaturally old characters, a composite photo of what San Francisco looked like after the 1906 earthquake.

Player Two, Press Start
 Hey Everyone, Me again.

New Character, thanks to those who voted him onto the island.

Meet Emmanuel. He's been a trailblazer for Supes rights, and what limited acceptance into the general populace. He is now campaigning for African supes-rights, in the hope that he might someday go home. He has a column in the San Francisco Chronicle, so if you've got a human-interest story about a non-human, he might devote some column space to you. 

He runs the gym, which is another neutral meeting place for supes. He's very sympathetic to new shifters, and still has controlling interest in the WereFighter tournament, albeit quite hands off at this point, but still on the lookout for talented fighters who want to take it pro. He's probably also had dealings with Biodyne, but almost certainly only the public side of it.

He's been established in town for quite a few years, so I'm interested in sorting out his history with some of the other high-profiles, who he is sure to have run into at some time or another.  So hit me up here, or on AIM at coincidencetheory[at]gmail[dot]com and say hello to my little friend..

(no subject)

The Artifex is now accepting commissions.
Hit me up if your character is in need.

Or if you have any other stuff to ask, let me know.

A quick note on San Francisco culture
I just got a reminder to do something I said I would do and forgot to do amidst the other details of pulling this game together.

You may or may not have noted the throwaway comment in Ralph's application about "San Fran." San Francisco natives and long-term NoCal residents will not refer to San Francisco as either "San Fran" or "Frisco" in anything but an ironic sense, and even then only rarely. To use those two appellations marks a person as being, basically, a tourist, even if you're a city resident.

San Francisco residents and many NoCal residents will refer to San Francisco as "The City" and people will know exactly which city is being referred to.

So, just a quickie for anyone who's actually playing an SF native. (And SF is an acceptable abbreviation. ^.~ )

Note to self: put a note to this effect in the locations post.

Reminder: Apps
I'll poke you now and then, more often while it's new to you (and to me) but expect that I'll post occasional reminders to go take a look at apps.

That said, Liam's app still needs a few votes to get him out of voting purgatory early and I told him I'd remind people today. ;) If you haven't voted, please take a few minutes to read and vote.

Head over to epicentric_apps and either use the table at the top or the convenient app status: voting open tag to find open apps. I have one in now, but I have a lot on my plate, so don't worry about voting on mine too quickly.

There's a link in the app comm's header, but as a reminder, the voting guide can be found here.


While I'm having a Fantastic time...
Just a heads up that I will be largely unavailable after tonight until, oh, say October 3rd or 4th as I will be living in a movie theatre for Austin's Awesomest Film Festival Ever, or Fantastic Fest.

There may be tagging, there may not, my energy levels during the fest tend to vary, but just plan on not seeing me and being pleasantly surprised if you do.

In general, Alli here's running the shop and trying not to freak out about Karmichael too much. Kat's (nightlikeday ) wandering the city at night, both with and with-out her team, looking into things and generally being sneaky.

Anyone who has questions, feel free to drop them here.

I also tend to post general nonsense and semi-coherent reviews of some of what I see on my personal lj (ravenrants ) so if you feel the need to stalk watch that, knock yourselves out.

Until then, stay Epic, y'all!

Meet Brea
brea smiles
Hey all! This is Jen with my second character. Her name is Brea Jacobs and she is a necromancer/medium. Her abilities are more drawn from Kelley Armstrong's universe than from Dresdenverse or Blakeverse though she does fall under the Dresdenverse Laws of Magic and knows she is not supposed to use her gifts openly.

She's trying to find someone to help her mute her gifts or take them away completely. I don't intend for this to happen for a long, long time - if ever.

If anyone has plotty things they'd like to do with a ghost, lemme know! I like to torment my characters :D

Once You Pop...
Looking Over
Tim here with his second (and final, zomg) character.

Meet Dorothy Clarke, secretary at BioDyne. She's perfectly normal, barring the super-regenerative powers her employers injected into her. The side effects aren't terrible. Really.

She's just a happy Goth trying to make a difference in this world.

While eating the raw meat she needs to survive and getting a haircut each week.

So... ta-da!

(no subject)
uh hi 'sup epicentric

Okay, no, let's try that again. Hey everybody! I'm Emma and I'm new and I'm... Canadian...? I dunno I'm not that interesting so I'll talk about my character instead, sound good? Shin-yeong is a pyrokinetic and not too happy about the fact and prefers to just. Ignore/suppress it. Ergo his powers are largely underdeveloped and he has next to no involvement in the supe world.

You know what that means, right?

He needs people to drag him into it kicking and screaming! :D

You can find more about Shin-yeong here (and may I take this moment to say HOLY CRAP modly-person you are speedy? I'm in awe) but because I'm like a professional teal-deer herder I'll save you the bother of wading through that and summarize a bit. He's in his early twenties, works construction and taekwondo instruction, slides on the scale from "a little bit" to "a lot" of an asshole depending on a number of factors, is social enough to... like... interact pretty normally but shows about as much emotion as a slightly animated plank of wood, and finally carries a constant fear of burning the nearest building to cinders.

I'm up with any kind of plotting or plain old connection-building or, well, anything. Especially if it involves him starting to use his powers because that's, yeah, kind of the first logical character-development step. I think.

So. Yes! I haven't roleplayed in months, and this game seems absolutely awesome, so I'm hella excited to be playing with y'all and looking forward to it tons :D

ETA: OH YEAH, DUH. You can feel free to hit me up on AIM any time at vertigosleeper.

A new challenger approaches...
This is Brad, player of Blake Gage, adding to the ordinary human population of the game.

Meek Eliot "Eli" Finkle. He's 19, almost 20, and is the star reporter of the San Francisco Area Arcane News (SFAAN). He is also the only reporter for the SFAAN as it's a website that he runs. You may have heard about it, you may not.

He's a bit flaily and apt to stick his foot in his mouth. If you've ever seen anything Michael Cera is in, he is essentially that character.

So, please be understanding of this over eager reporter as he tries to get all of your life stories.

Forgive me for being redundant
But I know that not everyone watches the main comm with all accounts (or I'm just paranoid and really want to be sure everyone sees it).

So I'm pointing you over here for an important (and should have been posted yesterday) post on application voting.

/crawls into the liiiiiiight

This is Krystal with her first character here -- who is also apparently the first male Changeling in the game, haha.  His name is Smith, though if he befriends you, he'll go by Tio.  This is short for Mercutio.  Because he's a closeted Shakespeare fag in every sense of the word.  feel free to crack as many fairy jokes as you'd like

Anyway!  Tio here is aloof, reserved, quiet, mistrusting, and not looking for a friend -- though he really ought to make a few, as he would be a good friend.  Also, if he gets too stressed, angry, or otherwise emotional, he's liable to turn into a hedgehog without warning.  No, he has no control over this.  <3  you may also make as many jokes as you would like about how the hedgehog can never be buggered  He doesn't know that his crazy father was a pixie, since his mother died before she could explain (long story involving a credit card and an electric eel.  She was.....eccentric) so he is very much available for hijinks.

TL;DR -- here is a sidekick who needs a hero.  Or at least a BFF to pull him out of his shell. 


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