Dawn Summers (greenglowgirl) wrote in epicentric_ooc,
Dawn Summers

OOC: Heads up!

So I have been slow as molasses in tagging my one thread. And I still haven't gotten Brea out and about.

For those of you who don't know - I was laid off back in August. I've been job hunting since then with no luck (shocking in this economy, right?). Anyway, because of my continued unemployment, I am moving back to my hometown (Pittsburgh) in twelve days. This means my attention has been scattered lately as I attempt to organize and pack all of my belongings. On top of that, we have houseguests this weekend for my roomie's birthday and that's kept me busy as well.

I'm around a lot, but my focus is shot to hell, so thank you for your continued patience with me through my giant life changes.
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