Lillian Cavendish (knowthypain) wrote in epicentric_ooc,
Lillian Cavendish

Um, I know I said the last one was the last...

...but I lied. Apologies. This is Dawn, and here's the newbie...

Meet Lillian Cavendish.
She's a psychic vamp and will eat your feelings.
She runs a fetish club (that info should be up on the locations page soonish) for those that like to play that way.
She has her issues, and she has her rules, if you can navigate both... then we'll get along fine.

If you want to do some plotting, planning, or anything, I have an OOC post up HERE. Or you can hit me up in the usual places, AIM and e-mail are both lady.wandering[at]gmail[dot]com. Or there's here.

Time to play, kittens?


(And yes, the choice of PB is because a certain CSI regular guest star was the inspiration for the character. Don't judge me!)
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