Quetzalli "Alli" Smith (quetzalli_alli) wrote in epicentric_ooc,
Quetzalli "Alli" Smith


Those who have been speaking to me lately  know some of this already, but I've had a major RL issues of late which is causing me to not sleep and have major stress, neither of which leaves me in a happy RP mood.

So I'm not taking a full hiatus here, but I am going to be scarce. I will finish any open logs, and if you have a specific need for one of my girls (especially for plot-related stuff that's already been discussed), please feel free to ask, I'll still probably be on IM and I'm always checking e-mail.

I'll be "back" around Nov. 3rd, but that's when we have a show opening so to be on the safe side I'll be back-back after about 8th when opening weekend is done.

This is gonna affect:
Alli quetzalli_alli
Kat nightlikeday
Lillian knowthypain

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