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Official business, please read and vote

No one actually gave me their opinions on how long this should last. Please vote in the poll below and we'll go with that. Remember that even if it's only a night, slowplay and backdating are always options.

"The magic hour of the time change" refers to the fact that daylight saving time ends at 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning and clocks are set back. That hour can repeat over and over again for those pulled into the Nevernever while the outside world will only see something odd for an hour. It's got a kind of otherworldly logic to it, and the power of human belief in that time change can add fuel to the fire.

Poll #1478466 How long will San Francisco be in the Nevernever?

How long will San Francisco be in the Nevernever?

Until dawn November 1
The magic hour of the time change
One day
Until sunrise Monday
Three days
Other (I'll answer in comments)

Other business
There are apps that are timing out in epicentric_apps. Be kind to your fellow players and actually go vote.

Heroes! I'm seeing some conversation about the heroing on rescuing the city from the demon's play. Charles, Blake, Selzanky, I'm seeing you three talking about it separately. Might be helpful for you to talk about it together. Shin-Yeong had an offer out as well, but didn't get much response. Do it here and those who are interested can pop in to offer additional assistance. I'm thinking Ralph might actually have a strange area of calm around himself, so Shin-Yeong might be the hook to pull him in kicking and screaming.

Gotta go the gym now. Fly my monkeys! Fly!
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