Fletcher (chars_fletcher) wrote in epicentric_ooc,

Last(ish) modly notes

Timing: The Nevernever incursion will last through the magic hour of the repeating 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning. Logically it will help explain how the rest of the world doesn't totally freak out over San Francisco being off the grid for 1-3 days.

That said, time runs weird in the Nevernever, so if you want your characters to be in there for an hour, 12 hours, three days, or three weeks, they can absolutely experience that much time passing there even though the city will return to the mundane world by the second 2:00 a.m. of November 1st. If I'd thought of it before the instant I was writing up the poll, I would have just made that the default anyway.

NPCs: I can do a bit of NPCing for y'all, but I have a little jedi to take out for his own Halloween mayhem tomorrrow, so my availability will actually be spotty. I have my smartphone and I'll be checking my mail often, so don't stress emailing the mod email or pinging here. If Brad's around, he has the mod mantle and the passwords and names of the many and varied NPC accounts I've set up for the game.

CHAT: OMG I could get into chat. I'm currently sitting around in the chat room "epicentric" in AIM, so you can hit me up there as well.

Additional Current Events: Because I can work real world events into this game, let it be noted that Tethys is currently pissed because of an oil spill in San Francisco Bay. As such she's pumping out still more metaphysical energy that's just feeding the eventual rift the Big Bad will use for all this.

Last Notes: Sick of mod posts yet? I love you all for running with the framework you have. I can't wait to see what kinds of madness you write. If there's anything I can do to help you with Stokes or Ralph let me know and remember that slow play is our friend.
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