Fletcher (chars_fletcher) wrote in epicentric_ooc,

A few notes on a modly and non-modly level

Modly Notes
I'd like to get together in chat with as many of you as are interested on Friday evening (Pacific Time) and any time on Saturday to discuss what's coming up for plot both covering the vampire issues and what the vampire issues are leading up to around Halloween.

I will make a mod post about it, so you don't have to be in chat to know what's going on, but chat will be a good place for some brainstorming and to hash out who wants to be involved in fending off "blow San Francisco off the map and into a far reach of the Nevernever" badness.

The chat will be in "epicentricchat" because Brad was nice enough to get that going for us. Hopefully I won't try to log into "epicentrichat" as I often do. I don't think any of us really need to talk about epicentric's hat. Unless we do and I didn't notice. >>;;

Non-modly Notes
I'm on a delightful new medication with a rather brutal adjustment period. So, if in the next two weeks or so (it takes me two to three weeks to acclimate and for the side effects to chill out) if I bite your head off, I'm preemptively sorry (or retroactively sorry as the case may be); I'm bitchy, but not that bitchy usually.

If I'm unavailable or unresponsive, I probably either have a killer headache or the kind of shakes that make one wonder if I have some kind of palsy. Or I'm sleeping, because unlike many people who take this drug and experience a stimulant effect, it tends to make me sleepier.

I will do my best to be available and responsive, but if I'm not, or if I drop pings and the like, I hope you'll be understanding. It's not personal by any means, because I am delighted to have all of you here and playing.

I would like to stress that you're welcome to ping me in whatever way you want to ask me questions and I will try to get back to you on them in a timely manner. I just want y'all to have some context in case I seem like I'm getting too blase or something. I hope to have my act together very soon.
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