ethereal_mystic (ethereal_mystic) wrote in epicentric_ooc,

Salutations; New Player

I'd like to introduce Brietta Sullivan. She's rather reserved and likes to keep a low profile. That being said, she's also curious about other beings, people, and most notably magical items. Her biggest concern right now is how to avoid the change altogether, not wanting to give up neither her human triats nor her fae abilities even though she fears this might be impossible.

Oh yes, Brietta is also an experienced thief.

She'll more than likely keep toward the parks, or more natural settings but will venture around town on business or out of curiousity.

Looking forward to meeting all of you and thank you for accepting my App!

If you have any plot ideas or just want to chat my aim name is: Cyromew and my e-mail is: Ishizu.ishstar at
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