charlescarroll (charlescarroll) wrote in epicentric_ooc,

Introducing Charles Carroll

First, allow me to thank you for your permission to join. I'm looking forward to it.

For a good look at Charles, feel free to look at this link. But to summarize:

Charles is a young, up and coming agent with the FBI. He's been with the agency long enough to get his feet wet, but is still young enough to still have a good deal of naive beliefs keeping him going. He's part of a new FBI division meant to deal with investigations of legal violations involving supers. As such, he feels that he, and the FBI as a whole, have something to prove.

Charles has just been transferred to San Francisco as part of an FBI effort to investigate the recent increase of disappearances amongst supers of late. As such, his primary efforts will be attempting to solve that case. However, he will still be investigating plenty of other cases as well. There is *always* more criminal activity needing to be investigated and never enough time to get to it all.

As a strictly OOC note, as of the start of Charles' involvement in Epicentric, Sebastian Claves is the only individual who is aware that Charles is a sorcerer, as Sebastian is the one that brokered the deal. Needless to say, Charles is REALLY not keen on the idea of anyone knowing this about him.

As for me, I do have AIM and G-Mail chat, but owing to a number of factors, the best way to get a hold of me is through e-mail. I am obsessive about it, so it's pretty common to get a reply within minutes.

Thank you again, and I look forward to getting involved.
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