Rìona "Rina" Aileen Richards (lovelytudorrose) wrote in epicentric_ooc,
Rìona "Rina" Aileen Richards

because rayne fails forever

Um. Hi. I'm Rayne. Remember me? I-If you don't that's okay >w>;; I'm going to try to change that. College life has...settled, for the most part-- while I kept up at my main game, I know now that I must focus again on this lovely RP! So I am humbly asking for plottings!

My little girl is a Changeling faerie who has powers over plants and poison. She's a happy-go-lucky college cosplay girl too so...idk maybe we can build on that? I-If I get people who want to plot, of course ;;

A little summary of what's happened recently would also be lovely orz;;;
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