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Pick a trope, any trope

Sorry for my absence this week. It's been an exciting week and my router bit the dust a few days ago to boot.

However, I'm here! And delighted to have Brad along, too.

You remember this post about the murder and mayhem leading up to Halloween's silly putty reality?

We're nearly there. Ye gods, where did October go?

The state of San Francisco
The city of San Francisco is currently under siege after dark. The Church vampires have reached a near-frenzy in their behavior and bodies are turning up every single night.

By now it shouldn't be difficult to ascertain that Diodor's vampires aren't involved. At least if you're at all familiar with the preternatural community, that is. Everyday humans are coming to believe that all vampires are to blame, so expect sentiment in San Francisco to be strongly anti-vampire for some time to come. Vampires are still legal, but a lot more people are going to be willing to shoot first and ask questions later, and that includes the police.

Halloween festivities are very much a party at your own risk situation for humans and trick or treating has been made a strictly daylight activity for Saturday. All children and parents will be off the streets by sundown and safe behind the barriers of their thresholds.

Anyone out on Halloween night knows they're running risks, but they sure don't know what kind of risk is coming after midnight.

The murders will end abruptly just after midnight when Diodor makes good his promise to kill Millicent and his vampires go to round up her out-of-their-fucking-minds vampires and bring them back to him to make their blood oaths. Most of them will be killed by Diodor's vampires, adding still more deaths to the toll and topping off the metaphysical meter to allow the demon access to San Francisco to push/pull the city partway into the Nevernever.

Now what?
So now's your time to let your imaginations run wild. It's not often that you'll get the chance to alter reality for your characters any which way you choose, since this is a quasi-realistic game setting.

Use this post to share your trope ideas and see if anyone wants to get involved.

Starting at midnight the DMZ will be a Hammer House of Horror-style Dracula's castle, complete with vampire maidens in gauzy white nightgowns and Charmaign presiding in a red-silk lined black cape and thick accent.

I suggested a few other trope ideas in the other post, but you could go any direction you wanted, as long as it came from some sort of horror novel or film. Saw, Friday the 13th, The Headless Horseman? All up for grabs. You can also go with some of the horror farces like Killer Klowns from Outer Space or Beetlejuice.

Have fun with it.

Now the one thing that's currently up for grabs is how long this will go on and how it will be ended. Where are my heroes here? I would prefer to have the PCs resolve this, because c'mon, it's a chance to be heroic and save the world. ^.~ But if none of you have some ideas on how your PCs might be able to come together to take on a demon in its Nevernever demesnes, then I can have it taken care of by NPCs.

This could just be a single night, or it could be two or three days. I leave it to you all to tell me what you'd prefer and advance your Save the World agendas. If we don't get any Save the World agendas, then the NPCs will take care of it and I just need your votes for how long you'd like San Francisco to be midway between reality and nightmare.

The human mind can only accept so much, so when San Francisco snaps back to reality (whether through PC or NPC action) almost all normal humans in the city will not remember at all. They will remember the vampire attacks leading up to it, but to protect themselves, their minds will create completely boring stories to fill in the gap in time. There will be an uptick in nightmares and visits to doctors for anti-anxiety meds, but most humans will remember nothing and write off any memories as bad dreams.

Of course the government will be aware of it, and all supes in the city will remember, but the government will help cover things up to avoid a general panic, and as a show of good will, Diodor have the heads of most of the vampires who committed murders delivered to the police to help wrap up the cases and show that he does police his people.

There will be lingering anti-vampire and anti-supe sentiment for months to come, so feel free to have your characters react to it or use it for plot hooks as needed.

I do not plan another gamewide event for at least a couple of months, so I do hope you'll have fun with this. This one is still related to an ongoing overall plot, but that will evolve slowly.
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