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 Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am returning from my sojourn into the unknown, and am back with both guns blazing. Sort of. I still have one more weekend of my show to run, and have a seesawing schedule that requires me to work three or more nights a week. Hooray for promotions. But gift horses and mouths, they say. So please let me know if I've got a plot with you that needs to proceed, or if you wish to proceed with a new one. 

Peace, love and mungbeans

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Yay! I still want Annie to lose her job 'cause of anti-supe sentiment when someone outs her and come see about a job at Emmanuel's gym. Or some such. ;)
If you wish to start that log, I will tag you back!
Do you want me to put it at the gym or have her run into him elsewhere and have him suggest she come there?
I thought, if you wanted, perhaps she could come in looking for work. E doesn't tend to do much socializing. Although with the recent upgrade in anti-supe activity, he is possibly going on a few more TV shows, etc, being a somewhat known face, so he's out and about a little.
Welcome back! I'm always up for plotness!
Pounced and messaged, and logging. Because we be fast on the draw here in Texas.
Supernaturally fast. (just for Hedda)
At some point, Flip is going to want to take some human-form self defense classes.