Fionnuala "Nuala" (darkchylde) wrote in epicentric_ooc,
Fionnuala "Nuala"

Meghann=fail it works

So um, Dear livejournal, it's Meghann and yes I fail at life and haven't done much here. I'm like epicly bad at getting to know/playing with new people. But anyway I'd like to at least try to do more here. However I'm not really sure what to do, so if anyone would like to talk about plotting things that would be awesome.

I have two characters:

This one, Nuala. Nuala is a Selkie and as with Selkie tradition if a man finds her skin she's screwed. I mean she gets to be his loving wife. I'd actually be fine with a man finding her skin and using it to keep her under their control. She also owns an art gallery and can be fairly naive about human things. She's spent most of her very long life learning the practical side of everything and pretty much no time trying to figure out why people do things or how to feel things.

The other one is Sera. She has the ability to touch an object and see it's past. Useful for finding out who kidnapped someone or who killed someone and things of that nature. She can also see the future but only if it's something pretty crappy and it's completely out of her control. She has no problem with anyone knowing that she's psychic and is very professional about using her powers.

If there's anything you'd like to do let me know~
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